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TAXI YOGA was started in 2004 by Andrew Vollo, a long time Taxi professional in New York City who has developed an exercise program for NYC cab drivers. TAXI YOGA combines disciplines from Tai Chi, Yoga, Nei Kung, Feldenkrais, and Western Sports Medicine to address the physical limitations and difficulties faced by today’s professional drivers and office workers. “Each student does only what is comfortable and moves at his/her own pace without strain”. To learn more about Andrew Vollo, read the complete 2002 article in People weekly, “Taxi Charm School NYC”

Driving on occupied streets can sometimes leave us feeling irate and anxious. Late and stuck in traffic creeping at the pace of a snail, cruising along until the point that all of a sudden cut off causing a nearby crash call, or some other vehicular vexation here, road rage comes in various shapes and forms. Be that as it may, instead of simply fuming in traffic fumes, we should have a go at adapting to gridlock by working on quieting breathing procedures as you would in a yoga class. It has been demonstrated that standard yoga practice can enable us to decrease the outrage that may work as we go around. Basically, yoga practice can enable us to decrease road rage.

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You don’t need to be in a yoga studio to practice yoga. While yoga can’t totally take out stress, it provides instruments for managing the relatedweights. The work on how to deal with anger and stress commences on the yoga mat. In yoga, through practices, for example, asana and reflection, we figure out how to relinquish old patterns, and discharge physical and mental pressure. Note that these things aren’t made by the fire of power however are basically conveyed to the surface from having been put away as pressure in the body and from the intuitive piece of our psyche.

Yoga shows us to surrender and let go. When you are in the fire, what are your instruments? Your breath. So relax. Surrender. Surrender control. When something is shaking your vessel—let it go.

Yoga teaches us to practice gratitude for this day and this moment. When you feel gratitude, your perspective quickly shifts to the present moment and you can more easily let go of whatever you are getting caught up in. Practicing gratitude allows us to connect to the present moment more often and also helps us to stay positive.

  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved Focus
  • Happiness
  • Reduced Blood Pressure
  • Relaxed system

A recent comparative analysis of studies that examined yoga’s health benefits and the health benefits of aerobic exercise shows yoga to be especially effective at reducing stress. This may not be news to those who practice yoga, but even die-hard enthusiasts will be surprised at the number of other health benefits yoga can confer—often to a larger degree than aerobic exercise.

Yoga has demonstrated effectiveness in improving physical fitness, flexibility and strength.

Yoga has numerous physiological benefits such as: Improving muscular skeleton flexibility, strength, resilience, endurance, cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency, endocrine and gastrointestinal functioning, immunity, sleep, eye-hand coordination and balance.


Residents are 34% more likely to do Yoga than the general population.


36.7 million Americans or 15% of US adults practice yoga in the US, up from 20.4M in 2012

Experiments have also shown various psychological benefits including improvement of somatic awareness, attention, memory, learning and disposition.

The regular practice of yoga also decreases anxiety, depression and aggression all these effects are clearly beneficial and very desirable, for drivers who face tremendous barriers to optimal health because of long work hours, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and lack of adequate sleep. Taxi, Black Cars, Livery and Ridesharing drivers lifestyle can contribute to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and other multiple illnesses, including hypertension and diabetes, which often go unaddressed.

Taxi Yoga may be a tool to help you intensifying your life force and thereby maintain or restore physical health and fitness, and also prolong Life.