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FREE  “Taxi Yoga” classes will run on:

Sundays from 9 AM to 12 PM


Monday Evenings from 7- 9 PM


Come by for a half hour stay for two hours

Easier to find Parking at the above times


For more information call us at:

(718) 705-1111

In Manhattan at Vollo Transportation Group, (VTG)

210 East 43rd Street is offering FREE “TAXI YOGA”classes for:

Taxi, Black Cars, Livery and Ridesharing drivers whose lifestyle, stress, lack of adequate sleep, anxiety, depression and aggression can contribrute to increased multiple illnesses which often go on addressed.

!Yes, that’s right!  A yoga class designed to deal with the stress and other health issues of today’s professional driver.

“Taxi Yoga” exercises are designed to ease tense muscles and improve flexibility and will focus on proper breathing, relaxation, diet and positive thinking. Each student does only what is comfortable and moves at his/her own pace without strain.  People of all ages can participate. Drivers who have taken the class say after the class “I feel like I had a massage”.  Check with your doctor before you begin if you suffer from a medical condition or have any doubts.